A List of Fantastic Sights to See in El Paso, Texas

Are you planning a vacation to El Paso, Texas? Does your itinerary need some beefing up when it comes to fun things to do and fantastic sights to see? In this article, we will discuss what you can do in El Paso to have the best vacation you possibly can.

1. Plaza Theatre

Located in El Paso, Texas is what is known as Plaza Theatre. Plaza Theatre is one of the most popular landmarks within the city. These days, the theater continues to operate, showing concerts, Broadway productions, and individual performers for the public to enjoy.

2. El Paso Zoo

What location within a city is more exciting to visit than a zoo? A zoo is especially wonderful to travel to if you are traveling with children. El Paso’s zoo is highly impressive, covering 35 acres and housing over 220 species of animals. Be sure to stop by the sea lion exhibit, and watch one of their daily shows!

3. Franklin Mountains State Park

Do you enjoy hiking, biking, or otherwise spending time in the scenic outdoors? Then Franklin Mountains State Park is the location for you. Enjoy the sight of the Franklin Mountains while picnicking with your whole family in El Paso.

In conclusion, El Paso, Texas is home to a number of fantastic sights to see and fun things to do. Whether or not you choose to view a performance held at the Plaza Theatre, enjoy amazing animals housed at the El Paso Zoo, or have a blast hiking with your family among the Franklin Mountains, your vacation to El Paso is sure to be unforgettable and amazing. We didn’t cover everything there is to explore in this wonderful city, so be sure to do as much as you can while you are there.