Celebrate World Book Day by getting to know El Paso author ...

Celebrate World Book Day by getting to know El Paso author Jacqueline Nunez

Jacqueline Nunez is an student at UTEP studying English Literature. Her first work, “Tragically Beautiful,” is now available for purchase on
“Tragically Beautiful” is the first work published by Jacqueline Nunez. 
A collection of poems, Tragically Beautiful, captures the stages of personal loss from dark turns to self-nourishment. 

El Paso, TEXAS —

Local author Jacqueline Nunez spends her days attending classes at the University of Texas-El Paso, studying English literature. With roots deep in the Borderland, Nunez says, however, she knew at a young age her calling was putting pen to paper.

As somewhat of a self-described loner, Nunez admits to struggling emotionally as a child, just like many of us, and says her biggest reprieve was getting lost in a stack of books. That “other world” inspired her to carry a pen and journal with her wherever she went, and to write down whatever impromptu thoughts came her way as she was introduced to the world. That catalyst provided the inspiration for the meaning behind her writing today; Nunez says, her goal now is to “open people’s eyes and hearts” through her writing.

Nunez attended Ysleta High School before writing her first published work, now available for purchase on It is called “Tragically Beautiful” and is a collection of poems. Nunez says the read captures the innocence and solidarity of her early adult years as she sat writing alone in a small studio apartment. Having just entered adult life, Nunez reflects on the loss of her grandfather, perhaps the “grandest” man she ever encountered. Bigger than life, her grandfather’s stature was seen as just that, when she was a little girl.

Losing someone so incredibly close to your heart when you are embarking on independence can be devastating – as if a pillar of your foundation has been ripped from underneath you. “The beginning of the book does have a dark tone to it,” Nunez said, “but as you approach half through you begin to see the shift in the book as I was shifting in real life.” Nunez began to create, perhaps out of what her grandfather taught her, or simply out of survival, four new pillars to life: growth, enlightenment, courage and positivity.

Looking onward, Nunez says she hopes readers of her books become more engaged with literature and have the epiphany during tough times, that they, too, are not alone. Everyone encounters hills and valleys through this journey. “Every shake, tumble and fall is only temporary,” Nunez said. “Struggles are what makes us the person we imagine to be.”

Nunez routinely reflects on her own growth process, seeing it as a rocky road of nourishment, patience and self-love — something that certainly would make her grandfather proud.

Nunez is currently working on her second book. No date for release was provided.

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