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City of El Paso introduces new mobile app to report city issues

City of El Paso introduces new mobile app to report city issues

EL PASO, TX – Reporting pot holes and other issues to the city just got a lot easier for residents thanks to a new app the city introduced.

Calling 311 used to be the only way for residents to call the city to report an issue. The new app, EP 311, is an easier and convenient way for residents to instantly send requests directly to the city.

“What drove the need for the app is just really understanding the volume of requests coming into our call center,” said Enrique Martinez Jr, Information of Technology and services with the city.

The app allows residents to submit a request to the city regarding a variety of issues. Issues range from reporting a park concern to reporting pot holes in their neighborhood.

As soon as a request is sent, the resident will receive an email letting them know the request was received. The EP 311 app also allows you to track the status of your request and see if other residents have made the same complaints in the same area.

The app also provides links to various services provided to the city through the El Paso Zoo, El Paso Airport to name a few.

EP 311 is available for download on any smart phone.

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