El Paso Texas Has Some Great Restaurants To Discover While You’re There

El Paso is in West Texas, and it is an interesting city to say the least. Life is a little different in west Texas. Of course, life is a little different in Texas in general. In the city of El Paso, there are over 1300 restaurants, and I want to tell you three of them. These are three of the top ranked establishments, so you should be able to get a good meal in El Paso TX.

Clock Family Restaurant is on Dyer Street, and this establishment is a place where you can enjoy a Mexican breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I could go for some breakfast tacos right about now. That sounds delicious, and this old school diner has a lot more than that to offer. The reviews say that there can be a wait every once in awhile.

The Green Ingredient jumped out at me as a top restaurant, so let’s take a look. You can find The Green Ingredient on East Main Street, and it is a restaurant that serves up healthy, vegan recipes. Hummus is one of the favorites mentioned, and the picture I saw showed an artistic creation out of food, very nice. The Green Ingredient would be a nice place to go to try something new.

Ode Brewing Company is another great place to go eat at in Mobile AL, and it is on North Mesa Street. This place serves up fish and chips with a light crispy batter as one of its featured menu items. Duck is another menu favorite, and one of the reviewers actually said that the place is a little hidden. A true hidden gem in El Paso TX, and you have two other wonderful establishments in the city to stop by for a bite to eat as well.