El Paso Texas

Nestled between the Rio Grande river just across from the Mexico-United States border of Ciudad Juarez, El Paso is often referred to as international metropolitan areas and commonly called the Paso del Norte translation: El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruces.

El Paso has over 27 million persons and is considered to be the largest of the bilingual areas as well as the largest binational workforces in the Western region. Headquarters to one Fortune 500 company as well as three public trading companies, it’s also home to Medical Center of Americas, the only research, and care providers complex in West Texas and Southern New Mexico region.

It’s also home to the University of Texas at El Paso. This is the primary university for the city and it is also host to annual Sun Bowl college football after seasonal game. This is the 2nd oldest football game in the country.

With a strong federal and a strong military presence, El Paso received the All-American City Award in 2010. It’s been considered to be one of the safest large cities in the United States for four consecutive years.

Home to William Beaumont Army Medical Center as well as Biggs Army Airfield and also Fort Bliss, the military presence is rather obvious as you enter this town. As if that isn’t enough security, it’s also home to the headquarters of DEA for the United States and part of the Joint Task Force North for the United States Border Patrol.

El Paso is the only city in the entire state of Texas to be on Mountain time. The rest of the state of Texas is on Central Time. The state of Texas is so large, that El Paso is actually closer to Los Angeles than it is to Orange Texas which is the easternmost city in the state of Texas.