Frontier Airlines Adding New Nonstop Flights from El Paso to Chicago

“More nonstop options are great for El Pasoans and their pocketbooks,” said El Paso Mayor Dee Margo in a news release, “It is a wonderful thing to see national carriers are recognizing the economic growth and exciting potential our wonderful city has to offer.”

The City said that over the past year, airlines at El Paso International have added nonstop flights to Las Vegas, San Diego and Denver.

Michael Pewther is a senior director for Frontier Airlines.

“We are offering $39 introductory fares today. $39 to Denver and $49 to Chicago. Those fares are up and available for purchase right now,” Pewther said.

“Improving connectivity to and from El Paso is essential to making our region competitive in the market for economic expansion,” said City Manager Tommy Gonzalez in a news release.

Jon Barela, the CEO of the Borderplex Alliance, called the direct flights an important piece of the Borderland’s financial future.

“One of the key things for economic development and drivers for economic development is indeed the access to direct flights from El Paso to various larger markets, and being able to now provide service, low fare service, to Denver and Chicago is critical,” Barela said.

Frontier flights to Denver will commence March 9, 2019 and the Chicago flights will commence April 8, 2018, the City said.

Thursdays and Sundays:

Flight from Chicago departs 10:02 a.m., arrives in El Paso 12:30 p.m. Flight from El Paso departs 1:45 p.m., arrives in Chicago 6:00 p.m.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays:

Flight from Denver departs 3:00 p.m., arrives in El Paso 5:00 p.m. Flight from El Paso departs 5:55 p.m., arrives in Denver 7:59 p.m.

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