The Apartment for Rentals in El Paso

Life goes on. Amenities are a part that can even be compromised. Nature is something what, where life ends. The nature has covered all the amenities and luxuries inside.  The best place having all the beauty of nature and other accommodations besides is El paso. The city known for its true beauty in every aspect, having all the luxuries for the people [...]

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100-Degree Hot Streak Hits El Paso Region; Caution Urged

Buy Photo Public safety officials are urging residents to take precautions as one of the hottest times of the summer in the El Paso-Juárez region has arrived. The [...]

Chairman, Commissioner Quit El Paso County Historical Commission After ‘Demolition’ Letter

The Duranguito neighborhood in Downtown El Paso is back as the preferred site for a new arena. City Council voted Tuesday against hiring an outside firm to conduct another [...]

How to Experience the Best of El Paso Texas

If you are making your plans to travel to El Paso, you may have never been there before. You might not have any idea of what to expect. If you are traveling with your [...]

El Paso Area Businesses Urged to Make Nafta Recommendations

Donald Trump called NAFTA the “worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere.’’ So he wants to renegotiate it -- or kill it altogether. So just what is NAFTA? (May [...]

Las Cruces Bank to Buy El Paso Bank Branch

Buy Photo Western Heritage Bank, a small Las Cruces bank with a former El Paso bank executive leading its board of directors, has agreed to buy PlainsCapital Bank's branch [...]

Tax Credits Help Cut Reliance on El Paso Electric

El Paso Electric officials this week began selling small chunks of solar power to customers as an alternative to rooftop solar systems. Victor Calzada / El Paso [...]

Brief-El Paso Electric q1 Loss per Share $0.10

May 3 El Paso Electric Co: * Q1 loss per share $0.10 * El paso electric co qtrly operating revenues $171.3 million versus $157.8 million * Q1 earnings per share view [...]

El Paso County Looks to Off-Load Detox Facility

Detox currently is located next to the Criminal Justice Center on East Las Vegas Street. After AspenPointe bailed on the "Lighthouse" detox facility in 2008, no one stepped [...]

El Paso Mayoral Candidates Make Their Pitch at Forum

El Paso mayoral candidates make their... EL PASO, Texas - Candidates running to become El Paso's next mayor met Tuesday night for a debate at El Paso High School. The event [...]

Shopping for a Home in El Paso

El Paso is a great place to call home. The city itself is incredibly safe, having been voted as the safest big city in the United States for four years in a row. Add to that [...]