The El Paso Museum of Art Welcomes Its New Art Director

Victoria Ramirez recently moved to El Paso from Austin to take the helm. She was the director of the Bullock State History museum, which she tells ABC-7 is one of the largest state history museums in the country. According to the El paso Inc., the El Paso Museum of Art has been without an Art Director for almost two years.

Ramirez said she wanted to work again with art and is excited to come to El Paso.

“I have always been attracted to art because it helps me understand the world.” Ramirez said. “I’ve never traveled to every country in the world but through my visits to art museums and through looking at works of arts through different places, I feel like I have an understanding of a wide variety of cultures.”

Ramirez said she has big plans for the museum, which currently features a temporary exhibit called “The Red that Colored the World”. As part of the exhibition there’s a try-on area, where visitors can wear props from the artwork. The exhibit focuses on a unique technique, where the color red is produced from a parasite of the prickly pear cactus.

In September, the museum will open a exhibition called the “Gardens of Earthly and Unearthly Delights.

“It will take a really broad look at the garden theme,” Ramirez said. “There will be many different perspectives, historic work, more contemporary work, we’ll have work by local artists in the exhibition.”

Ramirez said her long term goal is to raise the bar of arts and culture in El Paso, and she’s open to bringing edgier art to the museum.

“I think a lot of times museums need to include works of art that seem a little edgier,” Ramirez said. “I think art needs to prompt people to pause and say what is that and what is that artist telling me and what do I think about it.”

Ramirez said she plans to partner with the Downtown “Artspace” as well as the history museum to bring people to El Paso from around the Southwest. She also says she wants to bring national and international artists to the museums temporary exhibition galleries.

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