These Three Restaurants In El Paso Serve Up What You Expect From Texas

Let’s venture out to West Texas for a little bit and talk about some great restaurants in El Paso. Currently, you certainly don’t want to be in East Texas, as there just so happens to be a hurricane heading that direction and gaining strength. You are golden sticking to the west side of the Lone Star State, and you are going to enjoy your time spent in El Paso. Make sure you pay a visit to these three restaurants.

Julio’s Cafe Corona is the first pick, and you will find it on Gateway Boulevard East. This establishment serves up delicious enchiladas, steak, quesadillas, nachos and all kinds of great entrees. It is one of the absolute best places to get Tex Mex cuisine in El Paso. Have you ever eaten Tex Mex in the Lone Star State before?

This next establishment has a name that intrigued me, and so I picked it for the article. It is a popular and top ranked restaurant anyway, and another reason why I picked it is because it serves up juicy burgers. This place is on Gateway Boulevard West, and they also serve up wings, onion rings, brews and more. Reviewers talk about how it was a spot that was close to their lodging choice, too, and that is always a good idea to keep in mind.

You have certainly heard of Pizza Hut, but relax, that’s not my third recommendation. You can find Pizza Hut yourself or get delivery, but I do want to tell you about Rib Hut. This establishment is located on North Mesa Street, and it is in a rather large A-Frame building according to pictures. Enjoy some delicious ribs, steak, potato salad and all kinds of delicious food, West Texas style. With those three top El Paso restaurant recommendations, you get the best of what people expect from Texas, Mexican cuisine, barbecue and burgers.